Over 3 Decades experience in Car hire, Accommodation and Safaris.

We are a renown company in Kenya offering quality and affordable Car Hire, Hotels & Villas and Tour Safaris in Mombasa, Malindi and Nairobi. At Glory Car Hire we value you as a customer and at all times strive to provide the best service to all our clients. Our cars are in various classes they range from Saloons, wagons, 4WD, Rav4s, Mini Pajeros, V.I.P. cars like Mercedes Benz, Land cruiser VX and Range Rovers we also have Pick-Ups, Minibuses and Motor cycles  available for hire.


Under Regency / Glory Group of hotels, we offer a wide range of accommodation services such as Villas in Diani (Glory Ocean Villas), Apartments in our Resort in Nyali (Mombasa) known as Glory Holiday Resort, Stylish accommodation in Mombasa town as Regency Park Hotel and Tudor as Regency Inn Tudor, King Style accommodation lifestyle in Nairobi known as Glory Palace Hotel and the perfect getaway in Regency Mount Kenya where the Mt. Kenya is visible from a heated pool and panoramic windows of the restaurant as well as the rooms with quality service from our friendly and professional staff. Our safari and excursions packages also fit well with the services we offer, they are tailored for residents and tourists as well to ensure you get the most while paying the least.

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